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Brand Story


In this era driven by everything mechanized, Ashima’s Alankaar opens up the treasure trove of distinct jewellery from India’s interiors. Carrying forward the tradition of women ornamenting themselves, it believes in creative expression and skills possessed by a pair of hands.

Passionate about curating rare pieces of jewels, the brand reflects not just a single journey but countless journeys of artisans who have stood the test of time. Ever since it evolved in the year 2018, Ashima’s Alankaar showcases rich craftsmanship, designs, patterns, and metals carrying legacies.


Featuring hand-picked pieces carrying artistic value sourced from artisans set in less recognized nooks and corners is a thing the brand works to achieve. Ashima’s Alankaar is not only about blessing women with an amazing range of jewellery but also about offering gratitude and livelihood to artisans behind the scenes.

Every piece exhibited by the brand speaks volumes of magical fingers that toil hard to add lustre to it. They also tell the tales of delicate carvings brought to life by few of the most expert hands.

Ashima’s Alankaar has the intent of not only bringing into the limelight the master artisans but also elevating the undying craft possessed by them.

Gathering stunning and extremely authentic jewellery blended with contemporary designs is always on the list. Discover a captivating selection at Ashima’s Alankaar that not only drives utmost attention but also adds the much-desired oomph.

Each piece at this brand is marvellous and reflects beauty of its own. Traditional to contemporary jewellery, you can find them all nowhere but here. Fashion has been the core and the brand shares a close tie with not only the karigars but also modern-day fashion designers and also its clients.

Sharing a connect with all three makes the brand a common platform for fruitful interactions and long-lasting relationships. The brand truly has the most prized possessions to elevate the beauty possessed by women.

With time, an online presence was required to reach out to people globally. Thus, Ashima’s Alankaar developed an online web platform to bring sustainability to not only itself but also fellow brands. To happily co-exist has been the motto.

The journey until now has been pretty interesting as it was about meeting new faces and going to places. Appreciating the craft righteously and identifying the passionate artisans.

Ashima’s Alaankar by Richa Karanwal is a brand that curates enchanting symbols of beauty for women who love to adorn themselves. Possessing a decade long experience of the corporate world, she was always on the lookout to apply her abilities in something productive. It was amidst the prevailing pandemic, that she created Uttarakhand Virtual Bazaar, an online platform for countless exhibitors to showcases their products. It was not just about showcasing products but was also about adding avid shoppers to the group who could buy products.

She along with her brand have been showered with indefinable love and adoration from everybody around her.

She has a diary full of compliments and a heart full of appreciation for the ones who helped her and supported her all through. Her driving force has been her parents and her husband who were no less than strong pillars that stood by her and also motivated her consistently.

“Nothing but the beauty inside a woman can make her look truly beautiful on the outside”, says Richa Karanwal. Named after her sister she shares an indefinable bond with her brand. She desires her brand to grow leaps and bounds, adding a tinge of sparkle a little here and a little there!

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